About US



Founded in 2012 by CEO Miguel Cruz-Tucker , Kidzkandi is an innovative and unique children's clothing brand rooted in reworking  the finest vintage apparel for ages 0-14. Kidzkandi spawned from Miguel's desire to create a career that would allow him to spend time indulging in his passion, vintage clothing, while simultaneously creating the opportunity to spend more time with his daughters. Kidzkandi salvages children's vintage clothing in optimal condition from brands such as Reebok, Levi's, Nike, and more. Each Vintage piece is then reworked with a unique contemporary design with collaborative efforts by Designer Amy Garcia and Artist Joshua Paiz the results are one of a kind, tasteful articles of clothing. In addition to reworking vintage, Kidzkandi also manufactures trendy attires that blends urban and suburban cultures.

Kidzkandi Now offers a variety of new custom clothing services. Customers may choose their own designs for articles of clothing brought in by appointment, which can be made online. Customers may have their shoes, accessories, or denim reworked with studs, bleach, dyes, paint, or rips, The brand also offers to design to design custom "Mommy and Me" matching outfits that provide a bonding experience for mothers and their children.